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Michael, I so appreciated your help on Easter Saturday afternoon, your impromptu service and advice was very much appreciated, when I was in a real flap!!

Thank you so much.

Lia Overman

Service was absolutely impeccable. My phone was fixed in rapid time. Thankyou to Michael for repairing the screen on my iPhone 8 plus. Very knowledgeable and most importantly honest. Here’s hoping I never smash my phone again but if I do, I know where to go.

Rebecca T

Fabulous service at a very reasonable price. Highly recommended

James Pearson

Basically one of the best mobile phone repair places in Perth. Hands down recommend this to anyone looking to get their phone repaired. I have had 4 phones repaired by them (One of them was mine, the other 3 were my friends) And they were able to be all done within a day (usually 2 -3 hours) at a really affordable price. This is one of the best phone repair places (Much better than the shopping mall ones for the same price). Definitely a returning customer (if I broke my phone again). Thank you very much

Jacob Tompsett

Amazing customer service at this place. Got my iPhone 6+ screen repaired here, on which the glass was spiderwebbing badly. The repair was very good quality too, as I have had no problems since the fix. After coming here I wouldn’t go to any other business for screen repairs. The team was really nice and easy to talk to. I recommend MobileFoneCare over any other joint in Perth.

Michael Nicoletti

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